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Project planning, monitoring and evaluation module overview 11 about this module module 8 project planning, monitoring and evaluation is divided into six units. A step by step guide to monitoring and evaluation university of. What actually is monitoring and evaluation, and how can systematic monitoring improve development work. Monitoring and evaluation can help an organization extract relevant informationfrompastandongoingactivitiesthatcanbeusedasthebasisforprogram maticfine. Evaluation refers to an assessment at the end of a project or document. Planning, monitoring and evaluation should not necessarily be approached in a. Howto notes are published by the bureau of policy, planning and learning and provide guidelines and practical advice to usaid staff and partners related to the program cycle. Project planning, monitoring and evaluation unit 1.

Monitoring is a form of observation that takes place while the documentation or. Detailed estimation and pumpstation overview pdf 1. As a management responsibility, monitoring activity provides the basic building blocks of decisionmaking, for strategic planning and resource mobilisation. Ppt introduction to monitoring and evaluation powerpoint. Performance standardsdeveloping countriesevaluation. Form a project group to manage the planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting processes consider which representatives for rightsholders to include in the process, and which different groups of dutybearers to involve in the planning. Six key steps for project program monitoring and evaluation organization six key steps international 1. Introduction monitoring the routine process of data collection monthly, quarterly, annually intended to measure whether the program is doing what is set out to do. It also should be shared and utilized between all stakeholders and sent to donors. These series of notes aim to make a small contribution to the latter question by summarizing and highlighting. Lecture notes project management civil and environmental. Monitoring is a continuous process, whereas evaluations are carried out at specific points of time in the course of the project mostly at the end of the project or a project phase. Toolkit for monitoring and evaluation of agricultural. It keeps track of what you should monitor, when you should.

Monitoring and evaluation is not an addon at the end start early and build monitoring and evaluation into the project from the beginning 3. Monitoring and evaluation can help an organization extract relevant informationfrompastandongoingactivitiesthatcanbeusedasthebasisforprogram maticfinetuning,reorientationandfutureplanning. Learning and accountability are two primary purposes of monitoring and evaluation. This minicourse covers the basics of program monitoring and evaluation in the context of population, health, and nutrition programs. Howto note preparing evaluation reports create evaluation reports that are clear, credible, and useful. Monitoring and evaluation plan module dme for peace. Toolkit for monitoring and evaluation of agricultural water. Jun 27, 2016 importance of planning, monitoring, evaluation and 1. Knowledge of the essential elements of the planning and monitoring and processes in cpd, i. How to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan the compass.

More detail on these evaluation criteria is provided in the evaluation technical notes. Principle nine of the conduct for international red cross and red crescent movement and ngos in disaster relief 6 box 2. Formative needs assessments the formative needs assessment should be conducted during the planning or replanning stage of a prevention program to identify program needs. Withouteffectiveplanning, monitoringandevaluation,itwouldbeimpossibletojudgeifworkisgoingintheright. Monitoring and evaluation can sometimes seem like an unaffordable luxury, an administrative burden, or an unwelcome instrument of external oversight. Introduction to project planning this unit gives an overview of the different tasks that are involved in the design, development and implementation of a project. Based on this exercise, which evaluation methodology is used, for which program and when during the program cycle, will be determined. Handbook on planning monitoring and evaluating for development. Negotiate between stakeholders to decide what to monitor and evaluate 4. But evaluation is not just for accountability reasons, but also learning to feed into future decisions monitoring is a continuous process, whereas evaluations are carried out at specific points of time in the course of the project mostly at the end of the project or a project phase. We recommend that you discuss the study and assessment. Risk management ii, quality monitoring and control, and project learning pdf. In a readerfriendly way, the manual offers orientation and guidelines to monitoring throughout the various project phases, from planning to implementation. Monitoring and evlauton basics monitoring and evaluation concepts monitoring is a continuous function that aims to provide profit staff and other players with early indications as to whether or not there is progress towards achievement of programme objectives.

Monitoring and evaluation monitoring and evaluation by janet shapiro email. Terms of reference for a baseline survey for an agricultural water management project rn3. The monitoring and evaluation plan for the kagera tamp will serve two functions. Profit monitoring and evaluation plan 2 section one. This publication was made possible through support provided by the national. Monitoring and evaluation food and agriculture organization of. As a pdf format, you can print this out, or type into it. Monitoring evaluation timing monitoring is a continuing evaluation assesses the function that takes place entire project cycle.

Monitoring, learning plan prog ram cycle howto note. A causalresult chain or logical framework outlines how the sequence of inputs, activities and outputs of a programme will attain specific outcomes objectives. The material in this module is intended to help facilitate training in monitoring and evaluation in the results framework. Through developing and testing concepts and approaches, and through dialogue with regional and global managers they established a general consensus on acceptable and realistic standards and core practices for planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes in iucn.

It is through the continuous monitoring of project performance that you have an opportunity to learn about what is working well and what challenges are arising. The materials include exercises, session notes and agendas for conducting training. Theory of change a theory of change describes how an intervention will deliver the planned results. Once this is done, it is important that a clear plan of how to accomplish monitoring while ensuring. Introduction to monitoring and evaluation using the logical. This guide is intended for people managing projectsprogrammes in national red. Plan for data collection and management cross and red 3. Jun 04, 2011 evaluation vs monitoring evaluation and monitoring are two words that are often used in projects, organizational documentation, studies between which certain differences can be identified. Marine laboratory, institute of tropical ecology, leyte state university, visca, baybay, leyte 6521a, philippines. Basic principles of monitoring and evaluation monitoring and evaluation usually include information on the cost of the programme being monitored or evaluated. This and other odi background notes are available from uk by harry jones and simon hearn o utcome mapping om is an approach to planning, monitoring, and evaluating social change initiatives developed by. Developing a monitoring and evaluation plan learning objectives.

Food for peace monitoring and evaluation workshop for ffp development food security activities. Module 8 project planning, monitoring and evaluation is divided into six. Pdf importance of monitoring and evaluation in the. This allows judging the benefits of a programme against its costs and identifying which intervention has the highest rate of return. Principle five of the code of conduct for international red cross and red crescent. Planning and implementing a project monitoring and evaluation system. The materials include exercises, session notes and agendas for conducting training sessions ranging from one and a half hours to two days.

In the first edition of the sourcebook much emphasis was placed on projects an program planning and evaluation. Collecting, analyzing, and using monitoring data 3. Diary notes while most people do not use this mode of recording information, it remains an important option. T project planning determines a project schedule based upon. It is a toolkita collection of tools each of which is designed to support the monitoring and evaluation function. Note, in particular, that the key questions required judgements and that. In some cases, it should be noted that monitoring data might. This note was produced by the bureau for policy, planning and learning ppl. Evaluation is the periodic, retrospective assessment of an organisation, project or programme that might be conducted internally or by external independent evaluators. Difference between evaluation and monitoring compare the. Handbook for project planning, monitoring, evaluation and. The purpose of this article is to identify the imperatives for monitoring and evaluation in community based tourism and propose a model highlighting key stakeholder interactions. Once project charter is approved, the project is formally initiated. Difference between monitoring and evaluation with comparison.

Oct 25, 2017 the primary difference between monitoring and evaluation is that while monitoring is a continuous activity, performed at the functional level of management, evaluation is a periodic activity, performed at the business level. A stepbystep guide to strategic planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Monitoring is the collection and analysis of information about a project or programme, undertaken while the projectprogramme is ongoing. Evaluation the systematic investigation of whether a program is effective.

Notes on the allocation of land use options to land units 180. Purpose of monitoring and evaluation learning and accountability 17. Note that because this indicator calls for a percentage, a fraction is. Note that the difference between quantitative and qualitative methods is not absolute. A project planning enables project manager to translate project requirement into work breakdown structure wbs, tasks list, gantt charts, resource assignment and risk register, etc. Note that they focus more on the lowerlevel objectives in puts, activities.

Indicators should be objective, verifiable and clearly understood by. Deterministic planning ii and probabilistic planning i pdf 1. Howto notes provide guidelines and practical advice to usaid staff and partners related to the program cycle. Handbook for monitoring and evaluation measure evaluation. Performance standardsdeveloping countries evaluation. Introduction to monitoring and evaluation using the. May 15, 2017 20 differences between monitoring and evaluation may 15, 2017 sandesh adhikari health programs and policies 0 monitoring and evaluation are important management tools that are necessary to track the progress and facilitate decision making for present and future interventions. Evaluation draws on the data and information generated by the monitoring system as a way of analyzing the trends in effects and impact of the project. Importance of planning, monitoring, evaluation and follow up. Evaluations, engaging in evaluation planning for their program portfolios aligning different methods, program contexts, results information needs, and budgets for. Preparing the monitoring and evaluation plan and budget.

Project planning, monitoring and evaluation bangladesh open. Projectprogramme monitoring and evaluation guide box 1. Ten steps to a resultsbased monitoring and evaluation system. Highquality monitoring of information encourages timely decisionmaking, ensures project accountability, and provides a robust foundation for evaluation and learning. A menu of evaluations approach is also a call for increased emphasis on evaluation planning and costeffectiveness in the results agenda.

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