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Dec 07, 2012 want to have a more efficient experience when operating your windows phone 8 onscreen keyboard. Most users dont know these windows tricks and tips because they are not very common. Also check out the unboxing video of the honor 8x down below. These 7 windows 8 tips and tricks will let you use your windows 8 pc like a pro. If you have installed the portico update along with the firmware update, your battery life is generally speaking at least doubled. The windows 10 start menu is the most powerful start menu of any windows version so far. In wp8, apps are suspended which means they use no resources. Pubg tips 74 tricks for both beginners and those still. This is a beginnerlevel guide which can be followed by anybody even windows users, thanks to windows. Do you have a htc windows phone 8x but dont know how to insert the micro sim. Microsoft gives its users an option for skipping the start screen right after logging in.

Advanced tips windows 10 is brimming with new and updated features for streamlining all your computing tasks. Similarly, for removing rightclick and select unpin from start. Apart from increasing productivity and providing better windows experience, she also has some interesting humor. The features described below are provided by the vs code remote wsl extension. Jul 25, 2017 10 great honor 8 tips and tricks that you need to know about by mark jansen july 25, 2017 kyle wiggersdigital trends chinas smartphone industry is growing, and has been creating a whole host. Sarah tew cnet whether youve been using windows 10 for years or have only recently upgraded, there are plenty of new and old tips. Untold hidden windows 10 tips and tricks wondershare. Cool wsl windows subsystem for linux tips and tricks you. From creating new users to making your ui look like windows 7, these tutorials will help you make the most of windows 8 and 8. There is a great pressure from the microsoft desktop users and microsoft had bowed down to the same. See all your tiles and groups at once with semantic zoom.

Ana betts points out this great technique where you can easily move your perfect wsl2 distro from one. By popular demand, it also brings back the start button. These tips and tricks will make you a pro at onenote on. I followed most of these tips but didnt do a few of them.

Dec 14, 2012 how to search on a web page with windows phone 8. If youre using a touchscreen, press and hold the icon, then flick down and select pin to start. But with just a little handholding, the os suddenly becomes much less mysterious. Rightclick on the taskbar to reveal three window arrangement schemes. In this video, i will show you 10 cool tips and tricks for windows 10 that you wish you knew earlier. Microsoft has included a very useful little trick called snap assist that makes it easy to snap multiple windows in place. Battery tricks and tips for the htc 8x windows central. Try some of these capabilities out with these nifty pro tricks. For instance, if you want your favorite tile to occupy a much wider berth, rightclick on it and choose the resize option. These live tiles, as theyre called, update in real time with information such as weather, news, and stock prices. Boot into windows, clean up the installation with ccleaner for example, use disk2vhd tool to create a vhd image. Tips and tricks for linux development with wsl and visual.

Weve poked around every part of windows 8, uncovering many of its most important tips and tricks, so read our guide and youll soon be. Opens task switcher, moving forward with each press of tab, switching to that window on release. Much like the fullscreen windows 8 start screen, native windows apps can use icons that display ataglance information directly on the windows 10 start menu. Tips and tricks inside microsofts edge browser pcmag. Skip to navigation skip to the content of this page back to the accessibility menu. From invoking god mode to hacking the lock screen, here are 10 ways to make. Windows 8 can be somewhat inscrutable, even for longtime pc users. Control active windows with keyboard keyboard shortcuts windows 10 tips windows 7 tips windows 8x tips windows tips and tricks how to see all the files and folders youve recently accessed if you dont already know, well show you how you can access this list and see whats on.

The ultimate guide 19 tips and tricks to increase pc performance on windows 10 if your pc is running slow, use these tips to help speed up and increase the performance of windows 10. Many of us have upgraded our computer systems to microsofts latest operating system windows 8. Dec 14, 2018 here are the 8 best honor 8x tips and tricks that you must not miss. Default email signatures on mobile devices are boring, and windows phones is no exception. Apple introduced a tips app in ios and now microsoft has introduced one in windows 10. To change all keys to uppercase doubletap the shift key up arrow to change all alphabetical keys to uppercase. Combine pengwin with an x server like x410 and youve got a very cool integrated system. Make sure you have an install media at hand, or create one with create a recovery disk from vista sp1, create a system repair disc on windows 7 or create a recovery drive on windows 8. Weve since revised the article, pulled some tips that are no longer relevant, and added many more that we. To take a screenshot you only need to press both the power key and the windows key at the same time. From pcs to phones, xbox to iot, windows 10 is on them all. Battery tricks and tips for the htc 8x windows central forums.

Cleaning the keyboard is easy with this ingenious trick. Then type windows in the search box or select browse all tips to see tips on other things. Who can tell us what function the globe icon performs in the az app picker list see screenshot. Here are the 8 best honor 8x tips and tricks that you must not miss. Youre 10 tips away from mastering your new airpods pro cnet. Luckily, weve done a lot of the leg work for you, and what follows are all the tips and tricks, big and small, that you need to know to get you quickly up and running with windows. Windows htc 8x phone my hotmail email stopped working on my windows phoned about 3 weeks ago. We list hundreds of tips, tricks and guides for dozens of smartphone phones including. May 11, 2016 in addition to snap, you can arrange windows in other ways as well. Make the most of windows 10 with these expert tips. So, here we have a list of best windows tricks and secrets.

How to go dark, and more 10 windows tips you probably dont know by mark oneill february 22, 2016 ever since microsoft introduced windows 10 to the masses back in july 2015, reception has. Oct 30, 2018 if you know any more honor 8x tips and hidden tricks, share with us under the comments section. Moreover, with a little tweaking in the settings app, you can have an almost transparent start menu in windows 10. Not only is there a tips app to help you get to know the new features in windows 10, you also get regular tip notifications that try and point out alternative ways of getting things done.

Find surprising things you can do in windows with the tips app its included in windows 10. How to lenghten the battery life in htc windows phone 8x. The new release combines the familiarity of windows 7 with. These tips and tricks will make you a pro at onenote on windows 10. Dec 21, 2018 pubg tips 74 tricks for both beginners and those still mastering playerunknowns battlegrounds dozens of tips and littleknown tricks for winning that chicken dinner. I now have 3 email accounts in push mode and my battery lasts me a day every day. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

If the tips annoy you, you can easily turn them off from the settings app. If youre using conventional cleaning products, removing those stubborn streaks from the interior and. Youre 10 tips away from mastering your new airpods pro. Jul 27, 2017 while windows 10 does a splendid job of laying out all its bells and whistles out in the open, there are some really powerful tips and tricks that are buried away beneath its various panes and panels. Windows lets users organize their file system using a very easy graphical ui. You need to right click on the taskbar, then proceed to properties and then go to the navigation tab. Download honor 8x usb drivers adb fastboot tool pc suite. David bayon runs through 15 ways to ease the upgrade transition. If i forgot something, please feel free to add more tips. Software4students were really excited when microsofts latest operating system windows 8 was launched on 26th october 2012. Aug 07, 20 there are a few hidden windows tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts that will make your workflow smoother and quicker, without a whole lot of effort on your part. From the return of the start menu to the new edge browser, windows 10 can take some getting used to. Nov 29, 2012 i have an 8x and had pretty poor battery the first couple days, possibly due to enabling everything and using it a ton obviously that would cause issues.

These windows 10 tips and tricks can save you time and effort. These celebrities are actually family of the british royals. Apr 21, 2014 this is your onestop page to learn all the hidden tips and tricks to make the make the most out microsofts latest mobile os. Now press the windows key, scroll to the right and youll see the control panel tile at the far end. The tips and tricks mentioned in this tutorial will also work for windows 10. In this post, well go into more detail and provide tips and tricks to further enhance linux development on windows. But with just a little handholding, the os suddenly becomes much less. There are a few hidden windows tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts that will make your workflow smoother and quicker, without a whole lot of effort. He writes troubleshooting content and is the general manager of lifewire.

This update addressed many of the problems users had with windows 8. Its easily accessible through the stylized windows icon in the corner of your screen. In updating windows 8, the windows version that brought the operating system into the touchscreen age, microsoft has added some new capabilities and brought back some old ones that users missed. First of all, you would need to navigate to the start screen and then click on the arrow facing down towards the lower left corner. Now after two weeks of use and doing the above, yesterday my 8x gave me some good performance. Apple, android, windows phone, samsung, nokia, blackberry, htc, motorola, symbian and many others. Oct 19, 2018 honor 8x tips and tricks top 20 best features of honor 8x data dock duration. Nov 02, 2012 windows 8 can be somewhat inscrutable, even for longtime pc users. We have stepbystep instructions for tweaking the os to your preference.

Click on it, and you get a layout of your mostused programs, access to power options, and shortcuts to your file explorer and computers settings. Sep 27, 2016 we are going to list down some handy cortana tips and tricks that will increase your productivity and keep you entertained at the same time. The fastest way to remove mold in the refrigerator. Htc windows phone 8x files transfer, faq, tips and tricks. Dec 10, 2018 for you to get the most out of this phone, we have lined up the best honor 8x tips and tricks to use it like a pro. Keyboard shortcuts i dont know about you but im a huge fan of shortcuts and honestly the interface of windows 10 makes it a must to learn at least one or two shortcuts to move around faster and feel the liquidity of the interface.

The new chromium version of micosofts browser offers some enhancements over its predecessor. For you to get the most out of this phone, we have lined up the best honor 8x tips and tricks to use it like a pro. Chinese smartphone brand huawei launched its latest midrange smartphone as well as the successor of honor 7x just couple of months back. Htc windows phone 8x onscreen keyboard tips and tricks. Pengwin is a custom wslspecific linux distro thats worth the money. Tips, tricks, shortcuts and hints phone tips and tricks. Windows 10 is chockfull of handy, hidden new features worth exploring, especially after the recent october 2018 update. I deal with this daily since my work desktop is still on windows 7, while my laptop is on 8, which means im pretty miserable every time i have to switch to the latter.

Tips and tricks for the htc windows phone 8x htc 8x. Opens task switcher, moving backward with each press of tab, switching to that window on release. Now that weve had windows phone 8 for a few months, its now time to help you get the most out of your windows. Oct 02, 2014 the windows phone app makes it easy to get photos, videos, music, documents, etc. With topoftheline specifications at an affordable price tag, the honor 8x is currently companys one of the bestselling smartphone. To find the app, press the open the tips app button or choose start tips on your device. Cloudeight infoave premium newsletter windows 10 tips windows 10 tricks windows 7 tips and tricks windows 8x tips and tricks windows tips. How to use the windows 10 start menu with some fun tricks. You should look for 8x battery tips and tricks, another post of mine which contains loads of information on many things. Microsoft continues to regularly update its os, twice a year, with new versions that add and subtract the feature set. In these key combinations, hold down the windows key. From noise cancellation to a new transparency mode and a new design, apples airpods pro can do all of the things regular airpods can do. Huawei honor 8x how to import contacts from your old phone.

Drag your first window to the edge or corner of the screen to snap your first window, and all other windows will instantly appear as they do in task view. There are a bunch of little tips, tricks, and secret functions available. You can enjoy your airpods pro even more if you know how to fully use and customize them. Make it yours microsoft doesnt have the final word on how you experience windows 10. Jan 20, 2014 what tips, tricks, hidden features and secrets can you share with nokia conversations and our community. Windows 10 is officially here, and frankly, theres a ton of new features in microsofts latest operating system. By doing these exercises for three minutes every day you can get tight buttocks. If we talk about new computers, many of them are already coming preinstalled with windows 8. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Rightclick the control panel tile on the apps search screen, and click pin to start.

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